Indian Post Payments Bank, (The Definitive Guide)

What is the Indian Post Payments Bank?

As we all know that there are various post offices in a city and those post offices also provide us with the facility of opening a savings account in them.
The Government of India has put this Concept Forward to convert Post Offices into completely Banks with the help of this Bank.
IPPB was started on 30 January 2017, Back then only two Branches was opened, One n Ranchi and the other one is Raipur as a Pilot Project.
The Government Wanted to Start IPPB in 2018-2019 Financial Year and this has Just Happened, and Now It will Be Expanded From Time to Time.
It is a Project of Central Government Postal Department and 100% Ownership is of Central Government. The Responsibility of running this bank is given to RBI ( Reserve Bank Of India).

What is The Motive of Indian Post Payments Bank?

As we know that nowadays Smartphones have reached to the Pockets of Almost all the People, who may be rural or Urban, But the truth is that their Legs are not Reaching to the Banks.
The only Motive of Indian PostsPayments Bank is So to join Villagers or Rural People to Banking Solutions and to make this happen this Bank will directly come to your Home.
In Todays Time Indian postal department has more than 3 Lakh Postmen and workers. These are the People who will carry Smartphones and Biometric machines with them to banking facilities to the poor and Rural People and hence work as Bankers for them.
The Government has a Target to Join 1.5 lakh Post Offices to IPPB till December 2018.

Services Available To IPPB Customers

In IPPB you will get almost all the facilities which are available to customers of any other Bank out There. All the services will be general so as to use by a Common Men in Daily Life. All the services are listed Below:
  1. In IPPB, You can open both Savings and Current Account.
  2. Money could be transferred all 24 hours and 7 week Days.
  3. You can pay for Your Mobile and DTH Recharge through this Bank Account.
  4. Investment of Money can also be done through this Bank Account.
  5. Scholarships, Manrega and Money took with Government Schemes could be Transferred to this Account.
  6. Electricity Bills and Water Bills can also be paid with this Bank Account.
  7. Loan and Insurance can also be taken through this Bank Account, However, The Loan is Not Provided by the Bank but They will act as an Agent to make your Loan successful.
Now This was Some Details About IPPB, let's Move Forward to Answer some of the questions playing in your Mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this Saving Account? The Savings Account in this Bank is as SAME as the Savings Account in other Banks. You Can Simply withdraw or Deposit Money from the Account.
  2. How much Interest is applicable to Your Deposited Money? 4% Interest is applicable to Your Deposited money.
  3. What is The Benefit Of this Bank Account? Here are some of the Benefits You get with IPPB Account, a). Bank will Come to You. b). You can Pay Bills and Recharge Your Phone and DTH. c). You can transfer Money Through IMPS.
  4. Who is Eligible to open Account? Anyone who is above 10 Years of Age, Can open this Account but He or She should have all the Documents Completed.
  5. Which Documents are necessary to Apply for this Account?
    The Documents required to Open this Account are as follows: a). Aadhar Card b). PAN Card c). Fingerprints d). Form I 60
  6. Can we Open Multiple Accounts in IPPB?
    No, You can't open multiple Accounts. You can only open single Account per Person and Also You can't open a Joint Account in IPPB. But Nomination Facility is Available on Savings Account.
  7. What is The Minimum Balance to Open Accounts?
    The answer is ZERO, that means that there is no Minimum Amount Limit to Run Account.
  8. What is the Monthly Limit to Deposit or Withdraw Money?
    There is No Limit to deposit /withdraw Money in this Account.
  9. How much Money will be paid to take Banking Services From Home?
    If you want to take Banking Services from home then You have to Pay Rs 15 For Digital Transaction and Rs 25 For Cash Transaction.
  10. What is the Maximum Amount to kept in The Account?
    You can keep a Maximum of Rs 1 Lakh in Your Savings Account. However, Indian Post payments Bank also has the Authority to open an Account in Post Office and the account will be linked to IPPB account later. This will help you as if you have more than Rs 1 Lakh in your bank account then this extra money will be Transferred to Your account in Post Office. But If you don't have an account with Post Office then your Transactions over Rs 1Lakh will be Cancelled by IPPB.
  11. Do we Get any Debit Card with IPPB Account?
    The Answer is NO, Debit Card will not be Provided with IPPB account but a QR Card will be provided instead of A Debit Card. You can make payments through this Card but can't use that card in ATM. It is available for Free at The time of Opening an account with IPPB.
  12. What will happen if Someone Lost his QR Card?
    You Can get your New QR Card for Rs 25 By doing any of the Means Below: a). Calling at 155299 b). Dropping a mail at c). Visiting Nearest Branch or Access Point.
  13. Do we Get any Cheque Book or Demand Draft with IPPB Account?
    The Facility of Providing Cheque Book or Demand Draft is Not Available at the time of opening IPPB Account now, But it may be available in Future considering Customers Need.
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