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Hey guys, If you want to learn Digital Marketing but does not have enough money to pay for coachings and tutions than don't be afraid because in today's article i will tell you how to get a free Digital Marketing Certificate from a leading tech company i.e Google.

Digital Marketing

So before moving on let's talk about what Digital Marketing actually is, So in simple words digital marketing is process of promoting the brand online so as to increase the sales of the product or to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

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Table Of Contents

1. How Can You Register Your Self in this Course?

2. What You Will Learn In This Course ?

3. What is the Eligibility for this course ?

4. How much content is present in this course ?

5. How much time will it take for completion ? 6. How can I earn this Certificate ?

How Can You Register Your Self in this Course ?

To do so first of all you need to go to google and type Digital Unlocked and then click the first link that appears in the results. Or you can just simply click here to get redirected to that page.

After clicking that link you will see a page like this then you will have to click on sign in

And after that you need to select the gmail account by which you want to register in this course.

What You Will Learn In this Course?

After doing this course you will have a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing and SEO and the use of some online tools in order to help various brands in promotion.

What is the eligibility for this course?

There is no particular eligibility of this course, Any one having a gmail id can apply for this course.

How much content is present in this Course?

This course consists of 26 different topics and each Topic consists of 3-4 videos i.e. total 106 videos are present in the total course.

After each video there is a quiz and you have to complete the quiz in order to move forward to the next quiz.

How much time will it take for completion?

There is no specified time limit for the completion, It totally depends on you. you can complete the course on your own pace.If you have a good understanding of topic than you can easily do it as fast as possible.

How can i earn the certificate?

After successful completion of the course by giving the answer of all the 106 quizes you need to give the Final Exam which is based on the whole syllabus.

The final exam consists of 40 questions out of which 32 questions are mandatory for you to pass the test.

Then you can download the certificate which is available in PDF then you can print the certificate if you want.

My Experience And Opinions On This Course

According to me this free course offered by google is a great way to start your career as a Digital Marketing Specialist. You can do that even if you have  a very busy life.

It is not necessary that if you have done this course than you will get a good job but you  can use this knowledge of yours for your own benefits like starting your very own blog and do  the SEO of the blog and many more things.

 I have also done this course and find it extremely useful now.Now if you have read all the post be sure to have a look at my certificate.

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