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In The Race of making windows Better and Better, Microsoft has added a ton of features in Windows 10. The work done on Windows 10 is Extraordinary and Wordsworth too.
But in The race of adding more and more Features to Window 10, Microsoft forgets that it is Making The Window Heavier Than Usual.
Just Like a coin Window 10 also has two faces. The one hand, There is an Elegant Design in windows 10 and on the other hand Windows 10 is completely based on the internet. There are a ton of features in Windows 10 Which runs better when connected to the internet.
But These Features also have made Windows 10 a Data Eater. So in today, we will learn How to save your data From this Data Eater Windows 10. 
Before saving our data we need to know why our Data Goes Very Fast. Reason No. 1 Is OneDrive So as we know that Windows 10 comes with a number of features which runs with the help of the Internet and One Drive is one of them.
One Drive can Easily start on its own and can swallow your priceless data in the background.

How to fix this

To fix this First You need to Go To Start Menu and type Task Manager.

Once it is open, Go to Startup > Select Microsoft One Drive. After that Right Click On it And Select Disable.
And, Congratulations You have fixed One Drive.
Now to completely reduce data usage.
You have to go to Setting > Network settings then click the wifi network you are connected to.
Then Click on Advanced Options After that click on Metered Connection.
This will tell the computer that Data on the Wifi Network is limited and will take Fewer Data in fact Very Fewer Data from YourWifi. This is Suitable For users Who uses Their Phones to connect Internet In PC.So That was it for today. Hope this Will help You. Be sure to Let me Know if it Works For you or Not.
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Regards:- Sanket Bhardwaj
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