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In this Post, I will walk you through the process of moving from Blogger to WordPress. But Before we move on we have to know why there is a need for moving your site from Blogger to WordPress.

We all know that Blogger is a free Awesome tool to start your Own Blog. It is Best suited for beginners as it is Free, Simple and Effective too.

We also know that at the time of Starting the blog One doesn't Know that If He or She will succeed in Blogging or not, and if they buy hosting and domain then the money will be in vain.

So Beginners rather choose Blogger over Wordpress. So these are some of the features that Blogger owns.

So now you might be thinking why there is a need to change from blogger to WordPress. And the simple answer for this Question is that the Features in Blogger are Limited whereas the Wordpress has a lot of limitless features.

We can customize our Wordpress site to any level and the customization is super Easy and Fun, We can install any Feature in our site with The Help of plugins with #No_Coding Required.

blogger to wordpress

Blogger To WordPress

So, The Blogger is a Great Platform to learn Blogging but when you have learnt Blogging and Writing Articles Its time to Move on to Wordpress and Unleash your Potential.
The whole Process of Moving Your Site From Blogger to Wordpress is Divided into Three Parts. You can See Any of the Parts from the table of Content Below.


Step 1. Downloading Your Blogger Content

Step 2. Import your Blogger content to Wordpress

Step 3. Redirecting old blogger links to New Wordpress links.

To do this You have to go to your and sign in with your account on which you have made your Blog. Once you are on your Dashboard, Go to Settings then others.

Step 1: Downloading Your Blogger Content

Now click on backup content and then click on download content and then save the file to a safe place as per your convenience.

Step 2: Import your Blogger content to Wordpress

To do this go to WordPress Dashboard and Click On Tools and Click On Import. blogger to WordPress Now select Blogger and Click Run Importer.

After that select the file which you have downloaded in step 1 and hit Submit/Upload. Then you will see two options either assign the posts to admin or to any other Existing User.

After selecting user click okay or save changes. If you see a message called have fun which means you have successfully imported the Blog Content and now its time to move to step 3.

Step 3: Redirecting old blogger links to New Wordpress links.

Now Before this one thing, we need to know is that the format of links in Blogger is not as same as Wordpress. and to make the old links working we need to match the structure of the permalinks to match with Blogger.

To do so go to settings then General and select your Timezone which is Kolkata in India and then click save changes. After that Go to Permalinks in settings and choose Month and Name.

Now This is the format which Blogger uses and to make the old links working we need to match with that. blogger to WordPress Now Half of the work is done.

Now to complete the whole process we need to go to Plugins and then add new. Now search for a plugin called Blogger To Wordpress Redirection. Just install and activate the Plugin.

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Now go to tools and then Blogger to Wordpress Redirection. Now the code will appear Just copy the whole code.

Go to Blogger Dashboard and Click Themes and then click on Edit HTML. Now select the whole code with Ctrl + A and remove it and Instead of this Code Paste the Whole Code that You Have Copied from Wordpress.

After that click on save theme. Blogger to WordPress Now Go to Wordpress > Blogger to Wordpress redirection page and click Verify Configuration. After that a test link will appear You can check whether the Redirection process was successful or not.

If the link works fine then Congratulations You have successfully Done the Redirection process. Hope you have Learnt something From This If You did then Be sure to subscribe to the Branded Blogger for more exciting and helping posts like this.

Regards:- Sanket Bhardwaj
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