How to start blogging? (Most unforgettable Guide Ever)

Are you Tired of searching How to start blogging in 2020? On the internet or Have you ever thought about having a website where many visitors can come and read your articles, from which you can get global recognition?

Where everyone can know about you and from where you can earn money by working from your home and without going outside.

However, you don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry though this Article; we will help you have your best start and have a successful ending all you have to stay focused and follow our words.

Before starting you should know a few things which will help you in your journey such as what your is a website? a Domain, etc. Moreover, how a blog is different from the website? Where should you start your Blog?

If you get to know all these, then blogging is nothing but a piece of cake for you.

What is a blog, and How to start blogging?

A blog is a part of a website where you post articles related to the website’s topic, which helps the site to get Traffic.

In the Blog, we post articles known as a blog post which needs to be updated frequently.

Moreover, if you are a beginner to blogging industry, then you should not start a website as they are hard to maintain. So you should start with a blog and develop it to make it a website. Because maintaining a blog is much easier than maintaining a website.

If you make any mistake in your website, then you can lose your potential customers.

This is why you should start with a blog because a blog can be turned into a website, but a website can’t be turned into a blog.

The significant difference between a blog and a website is that a website is one web page that is used to drive sales, where a blog is used to help to rank a website and also for the popularity. Many popular sites include a section of the Blog on their website.

Benefits of Blogging

In this digital world where everyone is busy on the internet, if you own a business and haven’t yet taken your business online, then you are losing lots of potential customers who are going into your competitor’s hand. Not only is that no one going to recognize your business

1. Global Recognition

If you have a business but don’t have a website, then you cannot attract foreign customers. You can only be known to the local people only, but if you look at Amazon, Flipkart, etc., everyone owns a website that makes their business accessible not only in their city or country but they are recognized globally.

2. Boost in Search Engine

Blogging is the perfect way to boost your ranking in search engines. A website that is once created cannot be updated regularly.

However, you can do Blogging frequently on your website, which gives your site a boost in the search engine will, in turn, help you in your growth.

3. Start a new Business

You can start your Blogging as a passion, and you can turn it into a money-making business by sharing your knowledge and selling your eBooks or through various ads sites.

4. Grow Your Existing Business

If you already have a business, then Blogging can help you grow your current market not only that Blogging can increase your number of customers.

5. Polish your writing skills

If you are a writer, then you can practice your writing daily through Blogging as a regular blogger need to write frequently; this is the perfect way to practice daily.

Your practice, in turn, can help you earn a lot of money by writing for others or by setting up a blog.

6. Sell your products

Through Blogging, you can tell your customers about your product, which is not always possible through a website.

If your customer gets to know about your product better then they do not hesitate to buy your product, thus increasing your sales.

7. Help others online

If you know something, then you can teach it to others through Blogging as it is the perfect way to get connected to everyone online.

Now, you know the benefits if you choose to start blogging. So, you might be wondering about starting one now. That’s good, but you also have to know that Blogging isn’t that easy as well.

Before starting anything, you should now more and more about that particular thing so that when you start that you will become very successful.

Moreover, this is the case with Blogging also. Before starting Blogging, you should know on which topic you want to start blogging.

This topic is known as Niche in Blogging Industry. So let’s have a closer look at the Niche Research.

Niche Research:

how to start blogging in 2020 with niche research
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Niche is what guarantees whether your Blog can survive or not, so you have to choose your niche wisely.

It would be best if you decided something about which you have a decent knowledge, and you can write on that topic better than that.

Also, while choosing a niche, you should also keep in mind that whatever the topic is selected by you. People should be searching for that, which means that there might be enough people out there who are searching for that.

Try to be as narrow as you can while choosing the right Niche for you.

How to Do Niche Research?

Now when you know what Niche is, Its time to dig deeper and know the exact process of niche research so that you are not left behind in this race.

To do niche Research, you are going to need some tools. You can choose either free or paid tools also.

For this process, we are going to use a perfect free tool named Ubersuggest.

What you have to do is go to Ubersuggest and enter the topic on which you want to write in the search column and hit enter.

After that, it will show you some options, Out of which we will be using only four.

  1. Keywords: These are the words similar to your topic in which people are searching over the internet. You can choose any of them, but based on the below two factors.
  2. Search Volume: Search volume is the number that shows how many people are searching for that particular word. The more the search volume is, the better the Keyword is.
  3. Competition: Competition is something that one should keep in mind while choosing the right Niche for you.
    As, you know that many people are searching for that Keyword so, there are more people also which have already chosen that topic and working for that and Ultimately increasing competition.
    It would be best if you had a keen eye on the Keyword that has enough searches along with low competition. Try to find the keywords with the most inferior race possible.
  4. Difficulty: You have a keyword similar to the topic in your mind, and people are searching for that. However, that is not enough.
    You also have to know how difficult would it be for you to rank for that Keyword.
    The lesser it is, the more there are chances of you to rank for that.
  5. Cost Per Click: After choosing the Keyword, which has High Search Volume, Lowe Competition, Lower Difficulty, It is mandatory to have a look at the CPC also.

After keeping all these points in mind, you can choose your Niche accordingly.

Once chosen the Right Niche for you, its time to select the Right Platform on which you can puke your thoughts.

There are tons of platforms available out there on which you can create a blog.

However, we are going to discuss some of the major ones only.

Platforms available out there to create Blogs

Now that you know that what is a blog, then you should also know the different platforms out there on which a Blog can be created.

1. Quora Blog

Quora is a question-answer forum site where anyone can ask their question and the others who know the answer can answer it.

If you have any blog or website or you own a YouTube channel, then Quora is the best place to drive a considerable amount of Traffic because the answer in Quora is ranked easily in Google.

Along with writing an answer, you can also make your Blog on Quora for free and interested readers can follow you to read your articles on your Quora blog.

Making a blog in Quora is easy and free of cost; all you need is an account in Quora if you have an account in Quora than you can make a blog from the profile section.2.

2. Blogger Blog

Creating a blog on Blogspot or Blogger has always been the first choice for newbies. Well, if you think why, then these three words are enough to answer. It is Cheap, Secure, and Fast. However, like every coin, this also has some cons.

Blogs created blogger is easy to create but hard to maintain because you have to take care of all the things by yourself like the theme, pages, article, SEO, and everything.

To make a blog, you will need a Domain name, as Hosting is provided by the blogger for free.  Through webmasters, you can connect your Blog with Google and keep track of all the things that are happening to your website by yourself like which Article is ranking or if there is an error in your Blog and also pinch Google to index your material into Google webpage fast.

To make a blog in Blogspot, you need an active Gmail account and a little knowledge of HTML and CSS will surely help you in excel.

3. WordPress Blog

There are many things Quora blog and blogger blogs, which are proper plugins that will make your work easy.

Plugins are a tool or additional features provided by WordPress to make your work easy and to make your website look beautiful.

Some of the popular plugins are Yoast SEO, Elementor, table of Content, and the list goes on and on.

Now you may be confused after hearing about so many types of blogs and cannot decide which one is better than the rest.

You don’t need to worry that we are here; we will help you select the best platform where you can start your Blogging.

As if we compare all the blogs, we can observe that a WordPress blog is the best from the rest. However, my friend set up a WordPress blog that takes time and also lots of effort.

However, as you know, good things take time, so if you follow us, we will help you set up your Blog in WordPress where you can start blogging quickly.

Now you know, what a blog is, and how can you start one for you? However, wait, This is not enough. You are still not set up to start one.

However, before starting, you should know what Domain is, Hosting and other essential terms related to Blogging if you don’t know about them, then it will be difficult for you to start your Blog in WordPress.


A domain name is the address or identity of your website through which your Blog is represented or found in the search engine such as Branded Blogger

How to start blogging with wordpress
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Every domain name has a suffix or Domain name Extension at the end of it. These are the things that decide whether the Domain is a Top-level Domain or a low-Level Domain.

Top level domain includes the most Popular one i.e. .com, .in, .org etc. while on the other hand low level domains are .tk, .ml etc.

It would be best if you always opted for a Top-level domain whenever possible. Along with the top-level domain, you should also prefer a short field with your Keyword embedded in it.

The best place from which you can get a domain at a very cheap rate is Godaddy, But this is not the only place from where you can get a domain name.

Some other places are also in the market from where you can register a domain name for your blog or website. These other places include Bigrock, Hostgator, etc.

Instead of buying a domain, you should first try to purchase Hosting as most hosting companies offer a free area along with hosting.

If you don’t know about hosting then don’t worry, I am right with you, have a look at the below paragraph.

Hosting (Most Important Thing)

Hosting, as the name suggests, is a place that hosts all your files related to website or Blog. Alternatively, in other words, you can say that Hosting is a place online, which makes you able to store all your data online.

Start Blogging with Hosting
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There are tons of hosting companies out there which are providing a vast variety of Hosting. Every hosting has different specifications to suits different requirements. Some of the essential hosting types are as follows.

2. Shared Hosting

Being super cheap, Shared Hosting is very much popular among Bloggers, Especially the new ones. New Bloggers don’t understand the value of Hosting and just chose this hosting as their first choice.
The Hosting is not that bad also, but in terms of Speed and Performance, shared hosting misses its chance.

2. Cloud Hosting

This Hosting is much better in comparison to Shared Hosting. This Hosting is powered by RAM, which varies from Plan to Plan that you have bought.

You can get RAM from min. 1 GB to 4 GB, 8 GB, etc. Also, along with RAM this Hosting also powered by a CPU which can also vary from 4 cores to 6 cores, etc.
In terms of Speed and Performance, this is where Cloud Hosting is one step ahead of Shared Hosting.

These were two of the significant Hosting Types which you will see primarily. All of these types of Hosting are offered by most of the companies.

Out of these tons of Hosting Companies, one of my personal favorites is Siteground. Their services are, and their support is just Insane.

Siteground is the only company from which you can get all you need to start a blog. You will get Hosting and also a free domain with Hosting.

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Moreover, you know, The Best part is that all the things are provided at a very reasonable price. I have been using many companies hosting in the past three years and have found that SITEGROUND provides the best service.

After Purchasing a Domain Name and a Good Hosting preferably Bluehost, What you have to do is connect your Domain to your Hosting.

By doing this, you will be able to access the files stored on your Hosting by the help of your domain name.

Let’s come to the point.

How to Connect your Domain with Hosting?

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How to connect domain along with hosting?

To do so, you need to sign in to both your Hosting Panel and Your Domain Registrar panel. Next, Go to Your hosting Panel, and you will find two URL type things that are called nameservers.

Copy that and go to Your Domain DNS settings in your Domain Registrar panel.

Edit nameservers and replace the existing nameservers with the ones that you have copied from your hosting Panel.

Now hit save changes there. Once you did this, you have to wait for around 5-6 hours for your nameservers to be updated.

Wait for a full 24 hours duration to let the DNS propagate steadily.

After successful completion of nameservers updating, you will now see that your site is connected to your Domain.

However, the layout can be so ugly. Nothing should be there.

So To give your Blog a layout, you have to install a script, i.e., WordPress on your site.

Why WordPress? If you are thinking about the same question, then Let me tell you that WordPress is the No. 1 Open source Content Management System or briefly known as CMS.

Almost everybody is using it out there and you should too. Why?

  • It is Secure.
  • Speed is everything, and it has it all. It is swift.
  • Optimizing and customizing is made immensely more accessible by using it.
  • Also, It makes our Blog more SEO Friendly.

Now, we are now aware of the benefits of Using WordPress; It’s time to know how can we install WordPress.

Installing WordPress is very easy. You have to Go to your hosting Panel’s Dashboard and click on Open Cpanel there. Once the Cpanel is open, there will be an option named Softaculous Apps Installer.

Click on that option, and a new Page will appear. There will many scripts are given which are ready to install in one click.

You have to select WordPress from there and click on Install. Once you click install, there will be some fields that you have to fill before proceeding.

First, you have to select Your Protocol like HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, or without WWW. You can choose anyone who has https along with it. After this move on to the next blank and there will be wp listed in the black already.

That Blank should only be filled in case you want to install WordPress in Just a specific directory of your site. I suggest you remove that wp from the blank and move forward.

After that, you have to choose your login credentials, which will help you later in signing in to your wp Dashboard.

There will be some minor details that you have to fill afterward and click on Install there.

WordPress will be installed on your site in Just 2-3 Minutes or less.

WordPress is successfully installed, Now what?

Once the WordPress is installed on your site successfully, Check your Login credentials by signing in to your WP Dashboard.

To do this add “wp-admin” behind the URL of your site, and a page will appear which will be asking your Username and Password there.

Just fill those details and click on sign in. On the auspicious sign in, you will be able to see your Dashboard, which you will be using to Customize your site.

Here are some Major Steps that you should do after every WordPress Installation.

  • Change your Time-Zone: To do so, you have to go to settings > General> Time Zone. Select your time zone there.
  • Change Permalink Structure. This is the most crucial step after installing WordPress. The default Permalink or URL structure in WordPress is not so SEO friendly.

To make this SEO friendly, you have to change your Permalink structure. Just head over to SETTINGS > PERMALINKS > select permalink structure as Post Name there.

After, Installing WordPress and making it SEO friendly. Its time to move on to customization. A WordPress blog can’t be customized just by the Dashboard.

You have to use some plugins to customize it to an extent. In addition to this plugin will also be Including some extra features.

Here is all detail about Plugins and How to use them.


How to start Blogging in 2019
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What are plugins and how to use them in WordPress?

Plugins are tools which help you to do your work more efficiently, with the help of plugins you don’t have to do all the things manually they help you to do much of the work and also makes your website look good.

However, keep in mind adding too many plugins may slow down your website so this is why you should choose the plugins who can do multiple works alone.

Though not all the plugins are free, you can stick with the free ones in the beginning. However, never use any nulled or hacked plugins as they may harm your website.

As now you have enough knowledge about plugins. Let’s dive into the process of installing plugins.

Installing a Plugin in WordPress is quite easy. What you need to do is log in to your WordPress dashboard and hover over Plugins.

After that, click on add new plugin. There will a page appear where you will see different plugins. You can search for plugins there by typing in the Name in the search bar.

There is also an option of uploading a plugin if you have saved one locally as a zip file.

Themes (Templates)

How to start blogging in 2019
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Themes are just like a launcher of your phone. It makes your website look different from others. There are many great themes provided by WordPress itself for free, but some of the paid ones are also available in the market by other third-party sites.

You can trust these sites for paid themes as these themes are optimized for speed and performance. These are lightweight and possess many features that are not available in free ones.

You can use paid themes but never use any paid theme given to you for free. Nobody is so much kindness that they will provide dollars of a topic for free.

They are cracked and can destroy your Blog and take all the data. This is why you should avoid using any nulled item in your Blog or website.

So, as of now, You know What a Blog, Benefits of Blogging, Why you should start blogging is and how to start blogging as well.

Not only this, you know about plugins and themes, Its time to dive some deeper and know some advanced things.

How to connect your blog/Site with Google Search Console?

Google Webmaster tools, which is also known as Google Search Console, is one of the best tools Given by Google for Webmasters, i.e., Website and Blog Owners.

Connecting your site to Google Search Console will give you various benefits. Some of those are listed below.

  • It will help you in making your site visible to Google Web Crawlers and the Audience as well.
  • Indexing made Fast.
  • You can create redirects here.
  • You can see which Keyword of your site is ranking on which page.
  • Along with the ranking, you can also check how much Traffic is that single keyword driving so that you can work accordingly on that Keyword.

Now you know much about Google search console, and it’s benefits. Its time to learn how you can connect your site to Google Search Console.

To do this, Search google webmaster tools on Google and Click on the First Link that appears.

Now you are on the official page of Google search console. There will be an option of adding properties there. Click on that and enter your website URL there.

After entering your website, it will ask for verification. There were various methods by which you can verify your property in Google Search Console.

My favorite method is verifying by adding a TXT record in Domain. This is such a simple Just sign in to your Domain registrar and Click DNS settings of your Domain.

Click on Add records there and enter the values given on the Google search console page.

It will take some time for Records of your Domain to update. After the successful updating of Records, you can click on verify, and your property will be added to your account.

Let’s New some other Things Now.

Once you started your very first Blog, one word that you will hear from the tongue on every person is Search Engine Optimization briefly known as SEO.

Let’s have a closer look at SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How to start blogging in 2019
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Search Engine Optimization is briefly known as SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of optimizing your website so that it can be easily visible in the Google webpage, and not only visible we do SEO so that our website ranks higher in the Google page.

The higher the Rank, the higher the number of Traffic to your website, and the higher the revenue.

There are two types of SEO one On-page SEO, and other is Off-page SEO you have to focus on both, but in the beginning, you should focus mostly on On-Page SEO.

Let’s try to know these two types from deep.

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO, as the Name suggests, is a type of SEO which is done on the page. Before Hitting the Publish button, every single step towards improving the SEO of your site is counted in On-page SEO.

On-page SEO starts from the moment of thinking about the topic of the blog post at the very beginning. Thinking about a topic for writing post is not just the very first step but also the most crucial step.

You can’t write a post or an article on any topic that strikes your mind. Off-course, you can do this also, but that will be a complete waste of time. You will not be getting results by doing this.

So to get results, you need to analyze your thoughts. That analyzing of your dreams before crafting them into an excellent blog post is called keyword research.

Keyword Research:

As I said earlier, the analyzing of your thoughts before crafting them into beautiful blog posts is called Keyword research. Now the question that might be going round in your mind is How to analyze our dreams or in other words How to do Keyword Research?

As every coin has two faces, there are also two ways to do keyword research. One is free one while the other is paid one.

You can opt accordingly. My personal favorite is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is an excellent free tool which is all in one SEO tool as well. You can use it for keyword research.

What you need to do is just got to Here you will find a search box enter your Keyword there, select the region like India or USA and hit search. It will tell you all the necessary details about that Keyword.

You will see some details about the search term or a keyword you entered. Mainly the details will be like Search Volume, CPC, and SEO Difficulty. Some others were also there, but we have to focus more on these three.

You have to chose the keywords that have a high search volume, High CPC, i.e., High-Cost Per Click and low competition or SEO difficulty.

The lower is SEO difficulty, the better is that particular Keyword and more natural it will be for you to rank for that specific Keyword.

Once you have found the right Keyword, It’s time to carve some excellent content around that Keyword.

Here are some of the factors that decide the awesomeness of Content, or you can see that these are the characteristics that a good piece of Content should possess.

  • Write Long Content: A study says that the Content that ranks on the first page of Google has around 1890 words on an average. So it would help if you also kept this in mind.
  • According to step 1, you should write great Content, but that doesn’t mean that you are writing shit to increase the no of words in your Content. Instead of this, you should write Relevant, Informative, and easy to understand the material.
  • Content should have Social Hooks: It means that the piece of Content that you are writing should be consisting some of the Lines or words or Facts also which people want to share.

This is what makes a content sharable.  The more your Content is shared, the more are their chances for you to Rank

  • Use Interlinking: Link your existing Blog posts within the New Blog posts, which are having the same word from the Name of that post.
    What this will do is, It helps in gaining more and more Traffic. Bounce rate is also decreased. Also, If you are using some advertising like Google Adsense, then you will also be getting revenue from this.
  • Make your Content very easy to understand.
  • Use Images in your post related to that.
  • Use your Keyword in your Alt tags of Images and Meta description also.
  • Don’t use the Keyword more than 2-3% of overall words in your Content. That means that if your Content is 1000 words long then repeat the Keyword not more than 20-30 times maximum.

This was all about Content and Keyword Research.

Now Let’s move on to Off-Page SEO


SEO activities that you do before hitting that publish Button is counted in On-Page SEO. However, after hitting that Publish Button, all the activities that you will be doing is being counted in Off-Page SEO activities.

Some of the most popular SEO activities that are included in Off-Page SEO.

How to start blogging in 2019
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This is the most underestimated topic, sometimes. There are various methods for doing this.

  • Commenting Method: This is the oldest and most fine working trick to build Backlinks. What you need to do is, go to any site of your choice > Open any post > Post your Link in the Comment section. This method is straightforward, and that is the only reason why most of the links built by This method don’t work.
  • Finding Method: Another method is by finding the backlinks of your competitor, which are already ranking for that particular keyword that you are trying to rank.

To find your competitors backlinks, what you have to do is go to Enter your competitor’s domain name there and notice how many backlinks your competitor Is having.

Once you know the backlinks, you can also build the same backlinks that will help you in Outranking that competitor by stealing their SEO strategy.


How to start Blogging in 2019
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Sharing is Caring! Moreover, you have to admit that truth. You have to share your Content as much as possible.

The more you share your Content, the more is chances there for your Content to rank. So share your Content and ask your friends also to do the same, but on a targeted and relevant audience only.

You have set up everything on Your Blog; People are visiting your Blog. However, How will you measure the progress?

Well, it is possible to measure the progress of Google Analytics.

Connecting your Blog to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Platform or a tool By Google for Bloggers / Website owners to measure the progress of there website/blog and keep track of their audience also.

Not only This, you can observe your audience from close,

  • You can see from where your audience is coming majorly.
  • Whether that audience is male or female, you can also see the age criteria of the audience.
  • Which pages are the most seen by the audience?
  • How much time are people spending on your site?
  • Why people are leaving>

To get started with Google Analytics, you need to create an account on that. The process is straightforward. Just search Google Analytics and click on the first Link that appears.

Click on create an account and fill the details like Name, Email, and Website URL. After finishing the process, there will be a step of verifying the property that you have added in that account, i.e., your website.

You will get a Tracking code from Google Analytics; you have to paste that Code in your website’s header area. Here is how to do this?

Sign in to your WordPress dashboard and Click Appearance > Theme Editor after that Click on HEADER.PHP at the right sidebar.

Press Ctrl + F there and search for <head>. Once it appears to paste the tracking code just after <head> and clicks on save changes.

Now Go to Google analytics and click on verify property and your property will be checked and available in the section.

Bonus Tip(Secret)

For those of you who have read this post till the end or want to start a blog just after reading this post, Here is a free tip that you should follow.

 Connect your site to Cloudflare

How to start blogging in 2019
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Connecting your website to Cloudflare is so easy that a child can do this after reading this tutorial. However, before joining your Blog to Cloudflare, you should know Why Should You connect your site to Cloudflare?

Connecting your site to Cloudflare has many advantages, not just for you but for everyone else out there. I have listed some of the benefits Below.

  • It will make your site Fast.
  • Protect your site from Getting Down.
  • Provide free SSL certificate which costs around 5$ to 50$ in some cases.
  • Will show the cached version of your site even if it is down, which enhances overall user experience.
  • Will make sure that your site is not attacked by hackers and also helps you if in case your website is under attack.

These are the various Benefits of Using Cloudflare, but Main focuses are free SSL certificate an Increased speed.

With this being known, let’s connect our site to Cloudflare.

First Search Cloudflare on Google and Click on the Link that appears on first. Cloudflare’s official website will open. Just signup there By entering your Name and Email there.

After that, you have added a site there, i.e., your Blog. Put your Blog’s URL there, and a screen will appear with pricing and plans.

Opt for a free plan there and move forward. After adding your site, its time to verify that the site belongs to you.

Cloudflare will Give you two nameservers. You need to copy that Nameservers and Sign in to your Domain’s registrar and in DNS settings, replace the existing nameservers with the new ones that you have copied from Cloudflare.

Once the nameservers got Updated, your site will be verified and connected automatically to Cloudflare.

Also, you can notice that if your site URL was with HTTP, it is now changed to HTTPs.

# Note//- I suggest you connect your site to Cloudflare on the day next to the day on which you have related your Domain to Hosting as you also have to update nameservers here which takes around 24 hours.

It’s the last portion of the Article, and if you are still reading this, then it will be worth it.

Starting Blogging and creating a Blog is not that difficult as compared to maintaining it.

It would help if you did continuous hard word and always starving to learn more and more in this field.

There are a thousand of mentors available out there. Some of the Big names in them are Brian Dean from, Sayed Balkhi from WP Beginner(Foreigner), Harsh Agarwal from (Indian), etc.

These are some of the people that are considered a pro. However, the sad truth is that on My Level, I have not learned a single thing from that.

There some other also faces, like Ankit Singla from MasterBlogging and Amit Mishra from Tryootech.

I have learned a lot from these guys as they are very down to earth people and knows the problems that a beginner usually faces.

These guys are doing an extraordinary job at this young age.

Also, at my level, I have learned a lot from the other blog names ad Bloggerspassion, which is ran by Mr. Amit Agarwal Sir.

I will suggest you follow master blogging and Tryootech if you are a beginner and want to succeed in Blogging.

You can find these two on the internet as well as on youtube also. Especially Amit Mishra from tryootech. He is super active on youtube. You can visit his youtube channel by clicking here.

Moreover, If you know the basics and want to learn a little bit of advanced stuff, then I will suggest you go With Bloggerspassion.


At last, I want to say that I have tried to leave no stone unturned to help you start your blogging career with ease. This was a thorough process that will help you in starting your very first Blog. I have tried to make this Article so simple that you found no problem with this.

Also, I have guided you through every single step in which you can found yourself stuck.

Through this Article, you will know how you can buy a domain name, hosting, and set up your first Blog. Building a website in 2019 is not hard; you need to follow the right steps. I believe the better the starting the best the ending.

Don’t Just Think, Start your own Blog Now.

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