The Content Rulebook Review | Only #1 blogging book that you will ever need

Writing good content seems tough but what if I say it’s not.

Yes, you heard me right, finding a good process to write high-quality content is what actually tough.

But you don’t have to be worried as now we have a solution for this issue.

The solution is an ebook by Master Blogger Ankit Singla, which is named as The Content Rulebook.

I have also published an Ebook recently on How to Start Blogging in 2020? and I know the pain behind writing a good piece of content and that is one of the reasons by which this ebook comes as a ray of hope.

And you know what, this ebook has became the Apple of my Eye as it has all the ways a person needs to write high-quality content.

The book seems quite overwhelming by the never heard methods that have been discussed in the book by the author.

We will discuss the methods later in the review.

I can understand that the whole review might not interest you, so here is the outline of the post. You can skip to your favorite part anytime.

So, Now let’s dive right into the review and have a closer look at the book.

The Content Rulebook Review

the content rulebook review
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You know what is behind a successful book, It’s the author and the mindset. Efforts and contents still come in second place. So, obviously, before coming to the book, let’s know some details about the Author.

Author of The Content Rulebook

As discussed earlier also, the author of the Book is Ankit Singla who is already a Full-time blogger at Master Blogging where he teaches people How to Blog?

He is in the Blogging Niche for 10 years and he is literally crushing it.

Not only Master Blogging but he has already started some of the other successful blogs like Bloggertipstricks.

And now, when he has an experience of about 10 years with him and doing great as a blogger, he thought to educate more persons about Blogging so that they can also make it that big.

The author has also built a course for Bloggers, named as Authority Blogging in which he provides immense value to his students.

I knew this because I am also enrolled in that course and you should be too.

Author Ankit Singla is also a pubic speaker who has spoken at some of the big conferences like the SEMRUSH conference.

This was really interesting to know about the author, Isn’t it?

Now let’s come to the book again.

Overview of The Content Rulebook

First things first, when I heard about this book, I was super excited by the news as I am a regular consumer of the content created by the author.

And when the book comes in the market,

I grab the very first copy of it, skimmed the book and the only thing came out of my mouth about the book is that

This Book Is A Must Read

Now, the question now arises that,

Why this book is a Must-Read?

When there are a ton of books available out there, written by well-known authors, So why this book is a must-read. Well, the answer is value in the book

Earlier I have said that two things Make a book successful, first is the Author which is fulfilled in this case as the Author is Ankit Singla and Second is Value which, if being measured, is in tons.

Also, what makes this book a must-read is the never heard methods that are discussed in the book.

Never Heard Methods in the Content Rulebook

Although The Content Rulebook consists of 21 methods to write faster and better content, it’s obvious that we can’t reveal all the methods here, you have to buy the book for that.

But we will be discussing the methods which are unveiled by the author in the promotional emails itself.

RUE Method

This is the method shared by the Author in the first promo email. The full form of RUE is still not revealed by the Author but this method is all about the process of making your posts up-to-date.

In this method Author, Ankit Singla describes how one can update his blog posts from time to time in order to deliver up-to-date information to the visitors.

According to me the method is super useful as creating content is hard but optimizing the content from date to date can be more back-breaking.

Here comes the Second method,

PEN Method

This method is my favorite as it states how one can write a lengthy article without being distracted. Also, it makes it clear for one to be more managed while writing for a long interval of time. without breaking the flow at the same time.

This is the problem with almost all the bloggers, because after hours of research when they finally sit down to write something, They got distracted after writing two or more lines.

This method provides a solution to this problem.

These were only two methods, which are so powerful and actionable. You can now imagine how valuable is the book as there are 21 more such methods in the book.

Pricing of The Content Rulebook

Due to the immense features in the book, you might be wondering what the pricing of the book will be kept high.


As of now, this book was released at an introductory offer at the price range of 199 INR only or 2.99$ only if you are from outside India.

This price is just for the launch offer, it is likely to be increasing in the near future. SO grab your copy of The Content Rulebook Now.

Let’s wrap it up.

In this post, we have not left any stones unturned about The Content Rulebook. In simple words, the book is packed with immense value that is not anything less than priceless.

This can be one of the best decisions of your life if you purchase this book. So don’t just wait, grab a copy of the book now. Thank me later.

Till then, You can also download the ebook on How to Start Blogging in 2020?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Author of the Book?

The author of this book is Mr. Ankit Singla, He is a professional full time blogger and an affiliate marketer who makes his living out of his blog.

What is this book all about?

The book is all aimed at helping people in writing Good Content. In addition to which you will also learn about the burdles comes in between writing content.

Is it worth buying it?

If you want the answer in one line then Yes. The book comprises of all the +10 years of prior experience of author. The author not only just included the ways to write good content but all the problems that author had faced and doesn’t want you to face the same.

What is the pricing of the book?

As an introductory offer, the book is made available at the price of just INR 199 or $2.99. Also, the author has released some content ideas known as Flash Cards which is available at the price of INR 49. Also, you can also buy the bundle at just INR 249.

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